Monday, August 27, 2012

Queen of Peace Church, Kew Gardens

Here's Queen of Peace Church in Kew Gardens:

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St. Agnes School, Greenport, NY

Again it's hard to get a good view of this school. The news clipping mentioned that the new building, built adjacent to the existing parish hall, had "four modern classrooms, with provisions made in the original structure for four additional classrooms as needed, a principal's office, teachers' room and a medical room."

The pastor sought $75,000 to help defray construction costs.

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St. Mary's Church, Flushing

This church was completed circa 1965:

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There is also a nearby convent, but I cannot get a Google Street View image of the building that I suspect is the convent.

St. Patrick's School, Fort Hamilton

The news clipping I have says that this was a school addition and a rectory:

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The news clipping mentioned that they worked to raise $500,000 for this building.

St. Kevin's Church, Flushing

This is the first of three buildings in Flushing -- St. Kevin's Church:

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The Google Street view doesn't really give it justice, but I could find no other good images online.

St. Vincent de Paul Church, Elmont

As you know, I have been attempting to publish Google Street View images of the various buildings that William Boegel designed. Google hasn't been as thorough in Elmont, NY, and so there's no good street view image of St. Vincent de Paul in Elmont, NY.

If you're interested in finding good images, take a look at this blog posting.

Ascension School, Elmhurst, Queens

Here's the Ascension School in Elmhurst:

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St. Agnes High School, College Point

Here's another high school, St. Agnes in College Point.

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Once again, there's a nearby convent. This was built circa 1965 for the Sisters of St. Dominic in Amityville. At this point in his career, William Boegel was teamed up with Joseph Allodi.

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